The Party That Never Stops

So, since high school has finished up…I went to prom last night!

PROMPROMPROM. (Okay, I had to get that out of my system. *phew*)

Now, I am not a girly, extravagant sort of person. Yet, for some reason, prom still gives me the jitters and I get ridiculously excited. It helps that my date was absolutely wonderful.

No workouts, just dancing! A very good Friday indeed.

(Please excuse my messy living room. Painting your nails > tidying up, right?)

Anyway, I didn’t get back till four am (due to traffic…yes, traffic)! For this early riser, it was super late. I didn’t fall asleep till around 5:30.

I may have indulged in some fantastic ice cream cake at prom and a chocolate croissant when I got home, but hey, it’s prom! Only happens once. (Okay, well, twice for me, but I’m just going to stand by that. Indulging = perfectly okay on fancy occasions. Heck, indulging is just okay overall in my mind!)

After waking up at noon and lounging around my house, I decided I should actually DO something today and headed to the gym.

Since I felt so good with running before and there’s a local 5k coming up, I decided to see if I could run one. I could! I averaged about a 12:00 pace (once tuuuuuurtle pace for me), because I didn’t want to push it. I ran the 5k in 37:22. Now I think it’ll be safe to run the official race on Saturday, no matter how slowly. I just hope registration isn’t filled and the t-shirts aren’t gone yet. I ran the same 5k about one year ago, so it’ll be neat to do it again.

I also did strength training. I could only manage about 10 lbs on the shoulder press, which is sort of pitiful. I’m going to work on that. I think I’ll look up similar exercises to do at home, too.

The only thing that got me through it was “Give Me Everything” playing on repeat in my head, from last night. Sometimes I love when music gets stuck in my head and distracts me. I replayed my favorite moments from last night while I worked out–it was a continued party! Hey, at least it made the workout more fun. Blech, shoulder presses.

Do you have a local race you’ve run more than once?

And, more importantly, what song is stuck in your head at the moment? “Give Me Everything” can’t last me forever!

Couldn’t Wait for Weights!

Ten past midnight–it’s officially Friday!

Lots of exciting events happened this week!

Monday was my first LONG RUN in about three months (thanks, dailymile!). Granted, “long” is twenty minutes for me now (and probably under two miles…my Garmin had died.) Still, it’s a HUGE improvement when I had to stop after six minute intervals (and I could only run two segments of six, so it’s a big deal!). I’m really pleased.

On Tuesday, I realized that the HIKING TRIP OF DOOM I signed up for departs on August 19th. That’s just about two months away, and I know my muscles have been quite comfy being wimpy lately. I headed to the gym for a vigorous ride on the wonderful Expresso bike. Nothing beats a ride outside, but my area isn’t the greatest for biking…so to the gym it was!

My weights workout took me about an hour. Everything is 12 reps, three sets:

Torso Rotation (30 lbs)
Seated Leg Curl (40 lbs)
Leg Extension (35 lbs)
Glute (or as I skillfully call it, the skip/push machine!) (45 lbs)
Seated Leg Press (40 lbs)
Fly (30 lbs)
Abdominal (30 lbs)
Row/rear Deltoid (30 lbs)
Shoulder Press (15 lbs)
Chest Press (15 lbs)
Triceps Press (30 lbs)

I was keeping track, and I starred the ones I had the hardest times with.

**Leg extension – (this machine was broken today, so I didn’t try it…)
**Row/Rear Deltoid – I can’t imagine what it must be like to row crew! Whoa. I kinda like this one, in a struggling, tough way.
*****Shoulder Press – HOLY COW. I only lifted fifteen lbs the first time, and I was struggling to maintain perfect form by the third set. Today was MUCH better, but it’s clear that these muscles (and my arms in general) are a weak point.
**Chest Press – (Okay. Tough, but manageable.)
Triceps Press – The first day, the machine was busy, and that was enough excuse for me. My muscles were so tired. Today, I tackled that machine NO PROBLEM.

Today was fine, but on Tuesday, I was like…I have to do more of this?!


Muscles learn so quickly, though! I’m really amazed. I’m working my way up to 40 lbs (the size of the backpack I’ll be carrying) by the end of July.

Wednesday I had a picnic in Central Park with friends. It was fantastic, and afterward we walked down to Times Square and through several stores. I might have picked up several items in Forever 21 (all for the good purpose of working out my arms, of course!). Hehe.

I came equipped with a whole wheat bagel thin topped with pb and banana,

and a bento box chock full of baby carrots, blueberries, and watermelon.

(Eating something in a pink container makes it cool, right?)

Today, I felt like quite the bad-a** with the weights. I dread lifting, but I know it’s so good for me. There’s nothing like pushing yourself! (Plus, I get to have an ice-cold glass of milk afterward, in the name of protein and fuel.)

I had a gigantic salad for dinner with romaine, corn, black beans, cantaloupe, cucumbers, pineapple salsa, and grilled asparagus.

(Note to self: next time–more cantaloupe, fewer cucumbers! They were a little bitter.)

While I had the grill out, I grilled a banana with crushed walnuts and cinnamon, and topped it off with honey. Delish!

Here’s to a great weekend!

Monday: 15 min. swim + 20 min. run.
Tuesday: 50 min. bike (9.1 miles) + 60 min. weights
Thursday: 30 min. bike + 60 min. weights, 60 min. recumbent bike
Friday: Rest!

Week’s Total: 4 hours, 55 min.

What’s the toughest strength workout for you? What are your favorite machines (and the most dreaded)?