Terrific Trip Tuesday: Kayaking!

I recently went on a school-sponsored trip to Bannerman Castle, located on Pollopel Island in upstate New York.

I almost missed the trip, if not for my neighbor waking me up at 8:30 to run to the bus! He (and my roomie) woke me up at 2 am to tell me when we had to leave the next day, but I don’t remember it! Scary. It’s like it was a dream. I can vaguely picture it, but I was really, really out of it. Um…it’s said there are three things you can get in college: sleep, good grades, and a social life. The catch? Pick two!

Clearly, I need more sleep.

What a gorgeous day! I’ve kayaked a few times before, but this was my first time in a single-seater. Soooo much fun! (No photos, sorry, because I forgot my phone on the bus.) I was worried it was going to be too strenuous (even though the flier said no experience necessary, I didn’t believe it! The backpacking trip also said no experience necessary, and that was TOUGH AS HELL), but it was fine. I was able to easily stay in the front of the pack and drifted to the middle often so I could just float and enjoy the view of the mountains. My arms weren’t even sore (okay, *too* sore) the next day. Yipee!

I’ve joined the outdoors club here at school (and I’ve recently become a yoga addict), so I’m anxious to see what other trips there are. There’s indoor rock-climbing this week…hmm.

The internet is slow here, but college is awesome. Once I have my posters up, I’ll show off my room. My Tuesdays should be renamed tiring Tuesdays…I had four classes today, so blogging is a stretch! Hopefully, as things get back to normal (bizarre schedule from Hurricane Irene), I’ll get back to blogging regularly. I apologize for the lull.

Happy adventuring! =)

5k and Saying Saturday

Today was my much-anticipated 5k. The local Luke M. Parlatore Memorial Run was held today. This was my first-ever 5k last year, so I was excited. I must have woken up five times last night to check the clock (every hour, on the hour!) to make sure I didn’t oversleep.

And then…I overslept!! Luckily, my dad kicked me out of bed at 7:30–I was supposed to be there by 8, yikes! I bolted out, threw on my race clothes, snagged some pb, and headed to the race start. I was there by 8:15, which was fine, since the gun was at 9:00. I mingled, picked up my shirt, and soon–we were off!!

(I snapped a quick photo before leaving my house. I’m wearing my favorite Killer Socks shirt, that has a nifty zipper in the back for my ID.)

My lovely parents took this shot of me at mile 1. It’s totally normal to act goofy in just a 5k, right?? My lax coach paced me for the first mile (10:08), but then I was on my own. I was in bliss! I was running faster than I have in ages, accompanied with some music (Disney classics next to Simple Plan. I hadn’t listened to either of them in a while. Best mix ever).

As much as I was enjoying myself, I was afraid of burn-out. I knew I couldn’t hold a 10:00 pace for three miles with no training. I’d only run a few times this month, and I’ve only run three miles twice! One was about 37:00 and the other about 35:00. I knew I had to slow it down.

Still, I was GIDDY!

(Around the three-mile mark, I’m still pacing well and feeling strong.)

I had started my Garmin late, so I knew my time was off, but after the first mile, I slowed to about an 11:15 pace. Which quickly became an 11:24 pace. I tried to keep it around 11:20 or so, and took the third mile back up to about 11:00. Toward the last half mile, I saw my pace creep to 12:00, and I fought it back down to 11:16 for the final lap around the track. That was a tough fight.

Somehow, for me, the second the finish line is in sight, it all gets so much harder. You’d think it would be easier, because it’s *right there*, but all my mind is thinking is…less than a quarter mile? I’m practically there! Can I walk now? I’m thirsty. My calves are bothering me. Those people staring think I’m evolving into a turtle, I bet.

I dug out all I could and finished in 32:10. That’s right, nearly a two-minute PR. With no formal training!!

I was so thrilled. Fueled up with a banana and took some more goofy photos before heading home.

Of course, because I just can’t get enough activity into my day, I went KAYAKING!

There was a local festival out on the bay, so my mom and I took a two-seater kayak out and paddled. My arms were much stronger than the last time I did this (yay, weight training!). <- I never thought I would say that. Should I preserve this moment?

Anyway, some good food this week:

Roasted red pepper hummus (Athenos), baby carrots, and crackers:

Grilled eggplant with mozzarella and tomatoes on a bun, and sauteed asparagus:

And the first ice cream cone of the season! Mint chocolate chip, my favorite.

(Okay, I try not to play favorites. They are all delicious and I would never turn ice cream down, pretty much.)

A runner today had a shirt that said “The only difference between try and triumph is the UMPH!” on the back. I loved it. I’m a sucker for cheesy motivational sayings.

What’s your favorite ice cream or froyo flavor? I’m long overdue for froyo. =D

And do you have a favorite saying?