Okay With It

Janae over at Hungry Runner Girl recently posted about perfectionism.

It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. On February 26th, I’ll be running the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon.
And you know what? Nearly everything has strayed from my plans.
-I barely trained for my 10k (but I finished with flying colors).
-I was really sick from mid-December to mid-January and I jumped into my half-marathon training plan with some two-mile runs and a six-mile long run the first week.
-I got sick AGAIN and it looks like my longest run before the race will be 8 miles.
Only 8 miles.
(Did I ever think I would say “only” 8 miles? 8 miles was an impossible distance once upon a time.)
I realized, training or not, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Life gets in the way of plans sometimes. I’ve learned to accept this lately, but sometimes it’s hard to take a scary plunge when I’ve been looking forward to this for so long.
So, I’m leaving for the trip just about a week from now.
I’m okay with whatever happens.
I will finish, even if I’m walking across that finish line.
And I’m okay with it.
I know this race will be tons of fun and a great photo opportunity. After, I’m looking forward to cross-training (conquering my fear of spinning once and for all?!) and running shorter, speedier distances. It’ll be nice to run for the sake of running again.
Would you rather train with a purpose (a race, or for charity, or an event) or just for your own benefit?
I love planning, so I like training with a purpose. I think I’ll appreciate cross-training a lot more now, though, especially because in college I can really take advantage of a great gym.
What makes you decide to venture out when you have other responsibilities? Friends? Family? A midnight run…or a midnight run to get ice cream?
Tonight I decided, heck, it’s open mic night and my boyfriend is playing a set. I’m going to go. I’m glad I did-I had a great time and it was nice to hang out with friends. I’ve worked hard lately and I deserved it.

Diligence, Dancing, and Dorkiness

Friday night, I went out for sushi and to a cozy venue for a singer-songwriter performance with Max. It was a lovely evening, but I was exhausted and turned in early. Is this what tons of running and homework does to me? I guess so!
On Saturday, I took a break from homework to go see The Vow with some girlfriends. Cheesy, as I expected, but with a satisfying ending. I liked it.
I hurried home to get ready for the Yule Ball…after a week of being fairly responsible and diligent, I was ready to dance!

(Me and Max before heading out…did I mention it was flurrying?! Freezing out!)

(Mel and me at the dance…we had a dancing pre-party and we were SO READY, including to our latest obsession, “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place”)
We all crashed in our room with some…unexpected guests…until the wee hours of the morning, telling stories and being goofy. The master storyteller had an omnipotence not pictured here, hehe.

(How many people can you fit in a room meant for two people? One, two…)

(Three, four…)
And two more on my bed!
I confess to skipping my 9-mile long run in favor of homework and laziness. I didn’t get much sleep. I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I need sleep and to keep my grades up, and I’l stick to my long run this weekend.
The next day, Mel and I were being goofy with packages from home. Our parents had shipped us dresses for the dance, and WHAT ELSE are you supposed to do with these except make a robot?

(The expert robot-designer, hard at work.)
(The finished product! I barely look human, right? 😉 )
Happy Monday!
On Mondays I look forward to pancakes from the dining hall. =D It’s also my favorite day of classes, so I really don’t mind Mondays. What’s your favorite day of the week?
I was soooo hungry the other night that I stuck pb on a spoon and dipped it into cereal. Do you have a go-to late night snack? (I try not to snack much at night, but sometimes you must.)
I really REALLY like chocolate milk. I mean, really. I think I consume enough chocolate milk for twenty people a day, late night or not.

Late Night Laundry

Wednesday I went to yoga with Mel…I could finally do the chair pose without completely dying! It was intense, but it felt good.
Then…late-night laundry!

A friend surprised me by making extra chicken nuggets in the kitchen…wooo for an unexpected snack!

I decided to treat myself to some waffles-a-la-mode this morning…for no other reason than the fact that it has been a crazy week. Very stressful. It was almost *too* sweet, though. I think I prefer my usual combo of peaches and whipped cream, instead.

After classes and some homework, I ran with L for a speedy three miles (splits were 10:23, 9:50, and my watch died, so…I’m guessing 10-10:20ish).
We went to the Relay for Life rally!
I had a giant salad and baked penne:
And then I piled peppers on my pizza, yuuum.

I’ve been listening to so much Glee music lately (“I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” is SO SINGABLE while studying!), but I haven’t watched any tv.
What’s your latest tv addiction?
I miss watching Glee and White Collar, but there’s simply too much going on for tv time too!
My friends have weird nicknames for each other. Mel alternates between calling me anything from puppy to pumpernickel (really). Do you have a nickname?
I’ve called her jellybean and sour patch kid. Sense a trend in my nicknaming? Hehe.

Pastel de Nata and B19

So, this past Saturday, I ventured into town with my friend A and Mel to look for dresses. There’s going to be a Yule Ball this weekend (woohoo!), and it’s semi-formal, so we were on the hunt….

(Passing some cool shrubbery-people)

(We needed another goofy roomy photo. Stuffed dinosaur? Check.)

We stopped at a bakery and I treated myself to a pastel de nata, something I’d never heard of. It’s a Portuguese egg cream pastry…or so I read on the menu! Delish.

(So flaky and goooooood.)

Although shopping in town (and trying on elegant dresses in thrift stores!) was tons of fun, we turned up empty for something we could *actually* wear.

Home to the rescue! My mom mailed me a package, and I got it in the mail today. I love getting mail, it’s one of the coolest feelings in the world.

(Totally worth the long wait in line.)

After some cheese quesadillas and a salad with iceberg and shredded lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cheddar, refried beans, and lots of guacamole, we headed to bingo (sorry for the blurriness…cell phone camera). I had some oreo cheesecake that I devoured too quickly to photograph…oops. Custard-like, but deeelicious.

He’s hard at work on B19.

(Out of our entire table, none of us won. =( Bummer.)

And if you were wondering, it’s completely normal to wander by a first-floor dorm and peek inside to see what they’re watching (Food Network!) Not that we did it….

Good Tuesday. Time for some more homework and SLEEP!

I had so much work today that I’m skipping my run. Do you get workout guilt?

Oreo cheesecake! Yeeeaaah! Do you have a candy/dessert combo, or unusual favorite dessert?

Super Bowl Sunday Shenanigans

Saturday night, I ended up chatting with one of my friends about half-marathons, so I didn’t fall asleep till past two am…but long run at 10 am the next day we did! Huge thanks to L for accompanying me on the beautiful trail even when he was exhausted. We took a few stretching breaks and did our best to ignore our rumbling stomachs. We hit six miles at 1:17…at the entrance of the dining hall. Perfect timing!

Sandwiched between L and Mel. Yes, we are THOSE people that ran straight to the dining hall instead of showering…yikes. The BF isn’t pictured…but he showed up to enjoy my sweaty company, anyway. What a trooper.

After a relaxaing afternoon, we all piled into the lounge to watch the game on the projector. Go Giants! Wooo!

(Cheering the team on after stuffing ourselves with pizza and chicken wings!)

Yup, just some college students having fun. But I’ve gotta say…Mel is a big fan of creepy photos.

(Like this one. Girl knows how to capture my beauty, let me tell ya.)

I’m still recovering from my food coma, phew.

Did you watch the game?!

It’s Monday. I’m exhausted and swimming in homework. Any concentration tips?

Adventuring in Progress….

What can I say? I sincerely apologize for the gigantic hiatus. College got the best of me, and these past four months have been unlike anything I’ve ever known.

What I did this half of 2011:

-Ran a 10k! (recap coming!) The Rock ‘n’ Roll 10k in Prospect Park was one of the most unprepared-for events I’ve ever participated in. I’d only run two 5ks before this, so I was a wreck, but it was an amazing race and I finished with a smile on my face!

-Got a 4.0 average! I was taking two major classes, but only twelve credits. Still…it’s a proud moment.

-Which means I made the Dean’s List!

-Had an amazing social life and managed to meet some incredible people (including my boyfriend, but more on that later).

-Fell in love with yoga Oooh, yoga. I love it. I’ve started practicing some yoga stretches after runs and I’ve noticed it makes such a difference in my running. And stretching and warm-ups and cool-downs are now my buds. 2012 will not be the year of injuries!

-Mourned the loss of my kitchen

I have microwaveable soup more often than I would like, but the weekend breakfasts are very good. Still, I miss my gigantic fridge of fruit and veggies at home!

-Played in the snow…on Halloween
Snowball fight with my friends? Check!

-Went to my first concert! (Laura Stevenson & The Cans) They were amazing live, even though I didn’t get home till 2:30 am! It was worth it.

Here’s to an adventure-filled (AND blog-filled) 2012!

Hang on tight for the ride!

(Ziplining in Costa Rica, Jan. 2012)

Terrific Trip Tuesday: Kayaking!

I recently went on a school-sponsored trip to Bannerman Castle, located on Pollopel Island in upstate New York.

I almost missed the trip, if not for my neighbor waking me up at 8:30 to run to the bus! He (and my roomie) woke me up at 2 am to tell me when we had to leave the next day, but I don’t remember it! Scary. It’s like it was a dream. I can vaguely picture it, but I was really, really out of it. Um…it’s said there are three things you can get in college: sleep, good grades, and a social life. The catch? Pick two!

Clearly, I need more sleep.

What a gorgeous day! I’ve kayaked a few times before, but this was my first time in a single-seater. Soooo much fun! (No photos, sorry, because I forgot my phone on the bus.) I was worried it was going to be too strenuous (even though the flier said no experience necessary, I didn’t believe it! The backpacking trip also said no experience necessary, and that was TOUGH AS HELL), but it was fine. I was able to easily stay in the front of the pack and drifted to the middle often so I could just float and enjoy the view of the mountains. My arms weren’t even sore (okay, *too* sore) the next day. Yipee!

I’ve joined the outdoors club here at school (and I’ve recently become a yoga addict), so I’m anxious to see what other trips there are. There’s indoor rock-climbing this week…hmm.

The internet is slow here, but college is awesome. Once I have my posters up, I’ll show off my room. My Tuesdays should be renamed tiring Tuesdays…I had four classes today, so blogging is a stretch! Hopefully, as things get back to normal (bizarre schedule from Hurricane Irene), I’ll get back to blogging regularly. I apologize for the lull.

Happy adventuring! =)

Terrific Trip Tuesday: Salamanders, ‘Shrooms and Summits!

We hiked 1.5 miles in and within the first five minutes, I thought, this is the toughest thing I’ve ever done.

The first five feet were straight downhill, and my pack was set awkwardly, so it was digging into my head, and I couldn’t see. I seriously considered turning around.

And you know, I take the most pride in myself for not giving up when things get tough. Still, I’ve learned it’s important to know my limits.

It was time to push them a little farther.

We set up camp in Phoenicia and just sat around, played cards, and talked. At nighttime, we had a fire and we even found an orange salamander! (We dubbed him Charlie.)
It was nice and toasty around the fire. We played many rounds of the “picnic” game, when you have to guess different rules of what is allowed (and isn’t) on a picnic, like certain letters, or a certain number of syllables.


Some Jiffy-Pop around the fire.

The woods!

This is actually from the last day, but I LOVE my tent. I sleep so well outside. I just conk out. Too bad I don’t sleep that well in my dorm! I was up at five am today…eek.

My friends and I are hiking to the bus with our packs (about 1.5 miles back).

There were several small waterfalls and we even hiked along a stream. This is my favorite photo from the trip. 🙂

Our guide wanted to take some “artsy” shots. “Bend your leg! No, your other leg!”

He was so excited to find some edible black mushrooms (black crumpets) to eat.

I loved standing over the bridge. Almost there! We were very tired by this point (the third day, and the day after the hardest hiking day, when we hiked about six miles to the summit).

Actually, the second day, we made it about 2 miles to the trailhead before we heard BADOOOMBOOOOOOOOOM and within thirty seconds, it started pouring rain. We had to turn around and head back to camp. Around 3, it cleared up, and by 4, me and two other girls were bored enough to head back up to try the summit again. Boy, was it steep! The second attempt, we just took rain gear, headlamps, and water. Soooo much easier without packs.

Although it’s challenging, I love hiking! This was my first time hiking, and it really pushes your body in a different way.

Anyway, about .5 of a mile from the summit, we hit some rock stairs. These were some hard-core vertical stairs that were extremely steep. I have some issues with stairs. My balance is not the best, and I fell quite a lot as a child.


I tried the rock stairs, but it was *so* steep that I was completely convinced I couldn’t make it back down in a downpour without sliding. I went back with one of the more experienced girls, and, sure enough, fifteen minutes down it started to POUR.

Turns out there were FIVE sets of rock stairs total. Eek. The others made it to the top and back down two sets, but they said it was absolutely crazy coming back down the rest of the way.

I was glad I challenged myself, but glad I went with my gut feeling (that I have so often overridden this year). After all, it was only my first time hiking EVER! I think I did pretty well. =D

On Sunday, we were never so glad to see the main road, and civilization, again.

The guides got straight to work cooking the sausages with mushrooms, though.

Three days of backpacking in Phoenicia, New York. One awesome adventure.

My first thought upon returning home? SHOOOOOOOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serendipity!! (Adventure in the City)

Sorry I’ve fallen off the blogosphere lately! I just had college orientation, and I’m still catching up on my workouts.

A regular post about food and exercise will be back tomorrow (the lovely Paola from Sol de Luna was kind enough to tag me in the Amazing Blogger Award! I’m so psyched to fill it out.) But the past slew of days has been such an adventure. Orientation! Celebrating the 4th! And, of course, yesterday’s incredible adventure in the city.

First off, college is going to be great! I’ll be heading upstate for school. Mountains, anybody? Mountains mean mountain biking, trail running, and college means easy access to a gym! Woohoo! I was lucky enough to meet my roommate and new friends.

So, since college is coming quickly, a friend, M, and I decided to visit one of our friends at NYU. I hadn’t been to Greenwich Village in a while, so I decided to find all the places I’d been hearing about….

Peanut Butter & Co. had too many tempting options! I finally settled on the Peanut Butter Sampler. The best picks? Dark Chocolate Dreams (imagine Nutella laced with addictive substances and dipped in magic. Here you go.) and White Chocolate Wonderful.

(It’s a shame I’m not a huge celery fan. Apples with pb all the way, for me.)

I ended up having half of M‘s Peanut Butter Cup sandwich, aka pb and Nutella. YUM. The sandwiches were surprisingly filling. Thanks, chica, and my growling stomach that rules my mind thanks you, too.

And then THIS happened:
“So are you two hanging out in the city after?” (The true life of a suburbanite: Manhattan = ‘the city.’)
“Yup, we’re going to The Strand and then Insomnia.”
“Well, at 6:30 I’m meeting Meg Cabot!”

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. So, of course, we accompanied her to the NYU bookstore, where the fantabulous Meg Cabot was giving a presentation on her new novel, Overbite. I love her novels!! She’s just as nice and hilarious in person as I thought she’d be! It was a small presentation, and it was worth the wait. The whole time I couldn’t believe it was happening.


I called my mom right after, saying, “I just met Meg Cabot! Yes, THE Meg Cabot!”

Not gonna lie, we felt just a bit like rockstars.

Earlier in the day, after trekking around in the Village, we headed to The Strand. Success! $1 for the Narnia sound track and an illustrated, colored version of The Little Prince. I actually found a pop-up version, and believe me, I was very tempted to bring it in to my English class! College is great already because The Little Prince is on my reading list. =D

Insomnia is so tiny. Only three stools inside! I would’ve walked right by if M hadn’t spotted it. I bought a PB Cup cookie, but truth be told, I was pb’ed out! Too much pb, though I never thought I would say that. I did have pb this morning, though, so don’t worry, it’s a temporary condition! 🙂 We also relaxed in Washington Square Park, which I had never actually been to before! (Bad New Yorker, bad.) Seeing the fountain made me want to dance around like in Glee.

I will settle for an ice cream sandwich, though.

(I am dangerously attractive after a long day of walking in the heat and stuffing my face.)

I had a delicious dinner of london broil sandwiches, (yes, plural. THEY WERE AWESOME.), bbq chicken, macaroni salad, watermelon, and a cupcake. Thanks, M, they were delicious.

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! I sure did.