Snooze Away Your Stress

Do I still have bedhead? It might be because I slept for about 15 hours today.


Normally, I try not to sleep in, but I’d been feeling run down and like my batteries were out of juice lately.

All too often, I think sleep is the first priority to drop when people are overwhelmed with work and other obligations. It’s so important to hit the “magic” seven to eight hours of sleep daily. At least for me, I know I turn into a total grump (complete with “get off my lawn!” attitude.)

So for me, getting enough sleep is vital. Quality pillow time = quality me time. I’m lucky enough to not have a) young children b) pets c) pesky neighbors d) jackhammers (select one or all of the above!) waking me up in the morning.

Day 3 Mantra: Sleep is sacred.

Here are some of my favorite ways to optimize sleep:

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