New York, New York!

For the past three weeks, this has been my life:

IMG_2087The rack of mags at the office of the American Society of Magazine Editors

I made a promise to myself when I was five years old. I knew that I would live in Manhattan one day. I dreamed about it.


The view from one of the apartments.

And now it’s finally a reality. This is my city.

IMG_2068Living the dream on move-in day!

But still, I can’t believe this is my third week (three and a half?!) living  in New York City. I’ve cycled through excitement, awe, culture shock, cynicism and enthusiasm. Every day teaches me something new about myself – as a person and as a journalist.

I am in love with the city. I’m in love with being a New Yorker. Even though I’m from Staten Island, living in the epicenter of it all is  completely different. My job is incredible – I get to write, pitch and research all about health, fitness and nutrition – and my Woman’s Day staff has quickly become family.

I’m in love with my roomies. They’re exceptional, talented, kind and inspiring ladies from all over the country.

IMG_2117       Only half the crew! We need a photo of everybody!

And eating a lot of food. I love this fry shop, Pommes Frites.


Mango dipping sauce!

I feel like I’ve found my kin. We sweat up a storm with Kristen’s killer 15-minute workout. Then we ran to 16 Handles because we thought it closed at 11:30 and it was already 11:00. The thought of ending the night without froyo was unthinkable.

Thankfully, it was open till 1! I love New York.

IMG_2339Love the mango. Love.

My froyo addiction is a little ridic, so I’m trying to rein it in a little. $3.93 for this little beauty (mango, graham cracker, marshmallow froyo with cookie dough bites, chocolate-covered pretzels and M&M’s.

So what have I been up to (besides working my butt off)?

The other night, I walked through Little Italy for the first time! It was crowded, but cozy.

IMG_2327 I love the lights.

And of course, we got awesome gelato (maple ginger)!


We continued walking all the way over the Williamsburg Bridge with my boyfriend and a few of our friends. Look at the gorgeous view! It was my first time walking over that bridge and now I can finally say I’ve walked over all the pedestrian bridges. I think the view of the city from Williamsburg is one of the most romantic spots in the world.

IMG_2214The perfect view.

It was a long night, but in the best way. I was sleepy and grateful.

IMG_2247The boys are tired but happy while waiting for the train.

Last week, I went to a work event and met Maggie Gyllenhal! She’s the spokesperson for Johnson & Johnson’s Everyday Care Campaign.

IMG_2191She was incredibly nice and incredibly stunning.

I’ve done a lot of exploring. The roomies and I went to The Brooklyn Flea. It had funky jewelry and awesome art.

IMG_2103Dinosaurs were hipster before there were hipsters.

IMG_2102Can you imagine walking into a living room and finding a pink elephant?!

We also went to this mystical place I’d dreamed about:

IMG_2113Oh, Yogurtland. Now I understand the obsession.


And now I want more….

Yogurtland (which was HUGE for me because there are only two in New York and I always drool over Yogurtland pics from bloggers across the country) was fab. Oh, and it was super close to Prospect Park, where everyone was barbecuing and dogs were bounding around. It was a nice chance to hide in the shade a little.

IMG_2119I loved just hanging out by the water.

Among other things, I’ve been on the hunt for fun things to do that don’t involve drinking. We went to the Bowery to see San Fermine and the Villagers. They were amazing live!

IMG_2203The lead singer of the Villagers.

We also went to see the Upright Citizens Brigade at their East Village theater.

IMG_2124Almost-front-row seats!

I even went to a street fair and ate the best doughnuts ever from a place called Dough. The passionfruit was seriously mindblowing. I’m not even kidding. Time to trek to Brooklyn!

IMG_2249Katie, Em and I are ecstatic over our foodie find.

I’ve also been so lucky to be spending more time with my boyfriend. It’s wonderful to just explore and hang out together.


Max and I at the High Line. I’d never been!

I feel like I’ve done so much, and yet, I haven’t explored nearly enough. Even though I’m exhausted at the end of the work day, I always want to do more. For once, I’m living in the hubbub of it all and I want to soak up every second.

I love the daytime.


7 a.m. run along the East River before work.

And the night.

IMG_2144Outside The Boat Basin on the UWS at sunset.

The day I moved in, I went with my parents to the Time Warner building to see the temporary exhibit promoting Behind the Candelabra. My New York life may not be this glitzy, but I think it’s absolutely perfect.



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