One Month Resolution

I believe you can do anything for a month. Well, perhaps I should rephrase: anything that’s not morally bad, or harmful to your body, and I assume it doesn’t involve anything truly awful.

That’s what’s in the stuff of normal New Year’s Resolutions. They seem noble, but attainable. Somewhere, in my imaginings, I can see Future Me attempting and actually sticking to them.

I’m a firm believer in positive visualization. See yourself succeeding, and you succeed, and everything that comes with success is largely due to preparation. I humbly point toward Oprah for the great idea of vision boards.

Goals are achievable if you quantify them. Name your enemies and what’s going to stop you: then, get past them.

I believe it takes a month to form a habit, and habits are easier to keep than resolutions. So, in lieu of New Year’s Resolutions, here are my goals for just January:

Exercise three times per week: I love exercising. Nothing is more awesome than the rush of endorphins after a good sweat session or the contemplative meditation on a long run. You’d think that because I love it so much, it would be easy to work out. Ah, if only. Stress and a lack of sleep mean I get sick quite a bit. Since I am unfortunately not one of those people for whom exercise kicks their immune system and helps them fight off light colds, getting sick can sidetrack me from my fitness goals for weeks at a time.

It’s not pleasant, but I can do everything in my power to prevent it. Healthiness needs to be a priority.

How I’m going to tackle this:

I need eight hours of sleep at least six out of seven nights per week. If this means setting back everything I do earlier and unplugging my laptop earlier, I plan to stick to it.

I’m also going to practice yoga at least once weekly. Focusing on breathing and clearing my head makes me feel wonderfully less stressed after.

Eat a little bit better: I’d like to phrase this a little more carefully, since it’s so important. Eating better can be interpreted as choosing baked over fried food, forgoing dessert (or, more likely, eating fewer desserts!) and cooking for myself more often instead of relying on school food options.

I’m also going to eat more yogurt (the power of probiotics!) and orange juice (yay for vitamin C).

How I’m going to tackle this:

More time at the vegetarian section of the dining hall (they have pretty good, healthy options) and stocking my fridge with only healthier items. Once I finish giving away all the iced tea in my fridge that’s there right now….

Work toward completing 50 push ups:

There was once a time where I could crank out forty push ups without struggling. I’d like to regain my good form and killer arm muscles again.

How I’m going to tackle this:

I tried the hundred push ups training program once before and loved it. I completed 25 push ups with good form before I got sick. I completed only 12 for the initial test today. This puts me in column three. I can handle four weeks of column three.

I think I can get to 50 push ups in 2013.

Scratch that — I know I can.

Do you have goals for the month, or for 2013? What helps you stick with them?

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One thought on “One Month Resolution

  1. Eating better is definitely on my goals for 2013. I ate okay in latter 2009-mid-2011, and then it all went downhill. My hope is to return to those days.

    Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to do exercise. I found classes to be very helpful, but unfortunately, my classes have all become impossible to go to, and I haven’t found ones I like to replace them.

    It’s too bad exercise doesn’t help with you being sick, because it was my first suggestion when you mentioned getting sick and lack of sleep. Exercise helps me sleep and if I’m feeling sick, it always makes me feel better…if I can get the motivation to go.

    Good luck with your goals, chica!

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