A Whole Week of Awesomeness?!

This week started off great.  Monday, I wasn’t up to anything, so I went shopping with my best bud M.  We were in the garment district and we must have gotten lost four times trying to find this one block of bead stores (M runs her own Etsy shop, Cool Jewel Creations.  It’s awesome and you should check it out.)

After grabbing a quick bite to eat at the 38th St Diner, we were off!  We circled back to find this one shop….

And circled over and over again, trying to find it.  Instead, we found banks upon banks.

ImageM’s a little peeved by then (no worries, we found the store .002 seconds after this photo was taken).  Hurrah!  Happiness and bead shopping ensued. 

I decided to make my own bracelet (running-themed, of course).  I love bracelets (and rings!) because I lose jewelry easily and these stay on.  A lot of bracelets are big for my wrists so I like adjustable ones (or kiddie bracelets, those fit too…err….)  This one fits well with a watch-style strap.



We took a victory photo outside the bead store!  (I almost smacked a tourist in the head with this one.  But, luckily, I avoided doing so.)

We headed to pinkberry (M had never been, and I’d only been once, soooo, yes, this was very necessary).  Froyo is always necessary between us.

Ahh, true friends.  They let you take photos of them with food and then post them on the internet. 


The staff working was so nice and they pretty much bombarded us with samples.  I tried the original, strawberry, peach, and caramel…and ended up with caramel, chocolate pretzels, brownie bites, and a wafer cookie.  Oh my gaaawsh.  Soooo gooood.  I really like pinkberry’s yogurt, but it’s kind of pricey compared to the pay-by-weight froyo shops I usually go to.  It’s great for a treat, though!

I can’t believe they fit all of that into a mini cup!

(One staff member asked if I still required the caramel sample after I decided to order it…why yes, you can never have too much froyo!)


On Wednesday, I hung out with my HS crew, and we spent several hours decorating these delicious morsels:


My attempt at making star flowers:


Not bad for my first time decorating with icing! 

And today I woke up super early (well, for *me* on summer break, 8 am is a tad earlier than usual!).  I ent for a two-mile run (21:21! I love times like that) before heading into Manhattan. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Janae, Meghann, Abby, Catie, Jen, Celia, and other lovely ladies.  (I’m sooo bad with names, but it was lovely meeting all of you!)

No photos from today, (bad blogger bad?), but I had a delicious spinach and artichoke slice of pizza.  It was my first blogger meetup and a wonderful experience!  Refreshing to talk about running, running clothes, desserts and just life for a bit.  What a cool, cool experience!

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2 thoughts on “A Whole Week of Awesomeness?!

  1. Seems like you had a fun week! My favorite part: “Ahh, true friends. They let you take photos of them with food and then post them on the internet.”

  2. Oh, very true. I think you’re a prime example. Maybe I should add: “They also let you take photos of them in line, while studying, and generally being weird.”

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