Pastel de Nata and B19

So, this past Saturday, I ventured into town with my friend A and Mel to look for dresses. There’s going to be a Yule Ball this weekend (woohoo!), and it’s semi-formal, so we were on the hunt….

(Passing some cool shrubbery-people)

(We needed another goofy roomy photo. Stuffed dinosaur? Check.)

We stopped at a bakery and I treated myself to a pastel de nata, something I’d never heard of. It’s a Portuguese egg cream pastry…or so I read on the menu! Delish.

(So flaky and goooooood.)

Although shopping in town (and trying on elegant dresses in thrift stores!) was tons of fun, we turned up empty for something we could *actually* wear.

Home to the rescue! My mom mailed me a package, and I got it in the mail today. I love getting mail, it’s one of the coolest feelings in the world.

(Totally worth the long wait in line.)

After some cheese quesadillas and a salad with iceberg and shredded lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cheddar, refried beans, and lots of guacamole, we headed to bingo (sorry for the blurriness…cell phone camera). I had some oreo cheesecake that I devoured too quickly to photograph…oops. Custard-like, but deeelicious.

He’s hard at work on B19.

(Out of our entire table, none of us won. =( Bummer.)

And if you were wondering, it’s completely normal to wander by a first-floor dorm and peek inside to see what they’re watching (Food Network!) Not that we did it….

Good Tuesday. Time for some more homework and SLEEP!

I had so much work today that I’m skipping my run. Do you get workout guilt?

Oreo cheesecake! Yeeeaaah! Do you have a candy/dessert combo, or unusual favorite dessert?

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2 thoughts on “Pastel de Nata and B19

  1. My *favorite* dessert of all time is mud pie ice cream. This is coffee ice cream, oreos, and fudge. It's been my favorite since I was a little girl, when every Friday my mom would take my sister and I out to Buckey's Ice Cream Parlor (which went out of business last year 🙁 ) for ice cream. Sadly, it is impossible to find mud pie ice cream anymore.I totally get guilt for not working out. I have a non-workout day each week, but if I skip another day, I feel so guilty. I think I also get lazier with every day I skip, so it makes it that much harder to go back to being good.

  2. Pastel de Nata looks delicious!! I love trying new desserts. Picking a favorite is difficult, but I really love my mom's homemade apple crisp. She doesn't have a recipe or anything and it comes out different every time, but it never disappoints!!

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