Adventuring in Progress….

What can I say? I sincerely apologize for the gigantic hiatus. College got the best of me, and these past four months have been unlike anything I’ve ever known.

What I did this half of 2011:

-Ran a 10k! (recap coming!) The Rock ‘n’ Roll 10k in Prospect Park was one of the most unprepared-for events I’ve ever participated in. I’d only run two 5ks before this, so I was a wreck, but it was an amazing race and I finished with a smile on my face!

-Got a 4.0 average! I was taking two major classes, but only twelve credits. Still…it’s a proud moment.

-Which means I made the Dean’s List!

-Had an amazing social life and managed to meet some incredible people (including my boyfriend, but more on that later).

-Fell in love with yoga Oooh, yoga. I love it. I’ve started practicing some yoga stretches after runs and I’ve noticed it makes such a difference in my running. And stretching and warm-ups and cool-downs are now my buds. 2012 will not be the year of injuries!

-Mourned the loss of my kitchen

I have microwaveable soup more often than I would like, but the weekend breakfasts are very good. Still, I miss my gigantic fridge of fruit and veggies at home!

-Played in the snow…on Halloween
Snowball fight with my friends? Check!

-Went to my first concert! (Laura Stevenson & The Cans) They were amazing live, even though I didn’t get home till 2:30 am! It was worth it.

Here’s to an adventure-filled (AND blog-filled) 2012!

Hang on tight for the ride!

(Ziplining in Costa Rica, Jan. 2012)

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