The Week Where I Give In To Every Craving….

Okay, I’m only going to be gone for about two weeks before I visit home.

Still, the past week has been packed with visiting friends, eating a TON of delicious food, and basically traipsing around my house like I’m leaving forever. Oh, and shopping. I caved and bought New Balance Minimus Life sneaks. I love them so far–review coming soon!

Canceling my gym membership and returning all my library books seems so final. How did summer go so quickly??

With a number of things to do before I left, close to the top of my list was to make a Green Monster smoothie. I used the simple-yet-delicious recipe from JuliannaBananna. It isn’t the prettiest, but it was delicious! (My mom tasted it and was shocked when she heard I put spinach in it. I eat the most vegetables in the family, haha.)

Bottoms up!

I have been craving s’mores lately, so I finally bought all my ingredients at the grocery and concocted a ton. This one is made with a dark chocolate Reese’s. YUM. Dark chocolate + pb = amaaazing combination.

We finally went to a new(ish, new to me is about…a year?!) restaurant, CheeburgerCheeburger. I did the unthinkable and ordered a salad. They have unlimited toppings on their salads, so I went a bit crazy. It was gigantic, with grilled chicken, banana peppers, red bell peppers, grape tomatoes, salsa, black olives, cheddar cheese, guacamole, onions, baby corn, and romaine. *phew* I think that’s everything! I liked the salad even better after it marinated overnight, and I stuffed it in a wrap, which toned down the spiciness a bit.

I leave with this (so flattering) photo of me, because my mom thought it was funny I was in bliss, and I made s’mores three nights in a row.

Have marshmallows, will microwave.

I might become a s’more.

What food can’t you get enough of lately?

I loved my Green Monster! I wish it had more green. Do you like smoothie/shakes?

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