Terrific Trip Tuesday: National Harbor and Alexandria

I was recently able to go to both National Harbor, MD and Washington, D.C.! And we also visited Alexandria, VA in between! Woohoo!

I had been to D.C. before but I’ve never stayed overnight in MD except for Baltimore, so it was pretty exciting.

I don’t know about everybody else, but I love car trips. I have yet to be the driver for a vacationing trip, but I don’t really mind being a passenger, either. I get to read (Harry Potter marathon?!), look out the window, and play the license plate game (I am secretly seven, I know, but from my love of Disney movies and my obsession with cookies…I think this was apparent already).

(I’ve seen them all by now, though! I think Maine, Utah, Missouri, Hawaii, and Alaska are the rarest for this area.)

When I was little, I always packed fake food for my imaginary journeys. I would pack up a little bag and stuff it with fake cookies, cantaloupe, and pancakes. Uh…dessert, fruit, and breakfast food??

Times haven’t changed so much.

I still pack up my stuff! Here I have a peanut butter and banana sandwich, blueberries, baby carrots (both of those packed in one of my nifty bento boxes), and a whole bushel of bananas.

Potassium oozes from my pores, I bet!

National Harbor is a cute area. Lots of little shops and restaurants are here. I couldn’t resist posing with my intense MUSCLESSS (riiight) with this statue. *flex*

We headed over to dinner at Ketchup.

Texas Two-Step. Chicken breast, corn on the cob, and cheesy mashed potatoes topped with onion crisps.

Mmmm, crab cake. In Maryland, crab cake does not disappoint.

Mini corn muffins with honey butter!

On the boat going to Old Town Alexandria.

Burger and sweet potato fries!

Where Washington’s town house once stood.

Obligatory sign photo? I think so.

I love steamboats.

On the next Terrific Trip Tuesday…Washington, D.C.!

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2 thoughts on “Terrific Trip Tuesday: National Harbor and Alexandria

  1. Looks like fun! I love how you used to pack fake food — I think I always packed dinosaur toys! haha. Those corn muffins look absolutely delicious! But really, I love all muffins 🙂

  2. Ahhh looks like so much FUN! All the food on here looks ridiculously good, but I must say the corn muffins with honey butter made me DROOL! Glad you had such a great time!!!♥

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