Terrific Trip Tuesday

I love to travel.

As you’re reading this, I’m on my way home from D.C.!

I have a ton of trip photos just hangin’ out, so I thought I’d use Tuesdays for a while to talk about my past adventures.

During August 2009, I went to Chicago.

(Land of amazing architecture!)

(I loved it.)

(A trip is not complete without a cheesy photo in front of the bean.)

(Hangin’ with a pirate at The Field Museum of Natural History.)

(The museum is most famous, though, for “Sue.” This dinosaur is famous for being the largest, most complete t-rex ever found.)

I also enjoyed The Museum of Science and Industry, where there was….

(Harry Potter: The Exhibition is fantastic. I saw it again when it came to New York, where it stays until September before going on an international tour. I highly recommend it!)

(We even ate in a pizzeria where writing on the walls was encouraged! Whoa.)

I loved Chicago. The residents were friendly, the food was fantastic (and reasonable!), and the architecture was amazing. I’d love to travel back someday, and I’d even consider living there…if it weren’t so darn cold in the winter. *shiver*

Definitely yay, I love road trips and I’d love to do one on my own someday. Maybe to Louisiana (I’ve never been!), Florida (I love FL, from southwest to central and just all over), or even west to Texas (I’ve been to San Antonio, but I’d love to visit more of the state) if I’m feeling a little braver.

Road trips! Yay or nay?
I (almost) never get bored between reading, playing license plate games, and staring out the window. Singing your favorite songs helps, too. Belting out Broadway on the highway is the best!

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